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700 Farnsworth Road
Waterville, OH 43566

Phone: (419) 878-4972
Fax: (419) 878-7780

Safety Tips

Gas Meter Rules
What you should know about your gas meter

To protect your gas meter:

  • Do not tie any pets to your meter.
  • Do not allow your children to play on the meter.
  • Do not use the meter as a garden hose caddy.
  • Do not build a closure around the meter. The meter must be accessible.
  • Do not turn off the gas valve on the meter without contacting the Waterville Gas Company at 419.878.4972.

To read your meter:

  • Gas meters have six dials. Use the top four dials to take your meter reading. The bottom two dials are used by Waterville Gas to test the meter.
  • Read the dials from right to left.